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Medusa emulates standard virtual communication port (VCP) on USB. It can be used as a simple command console. Using console application (such as "minicom" on Mac/Unix or "putty" on Windows) you can connect to Medusa and run extra commands to change things that are currently not in the menu.

To display available commands with a short description please run the "help" command.


  • Set screen to "mono" with "olive" filter (RGB color 0xCCFF00)
rgbcurve filter CCFF00
  • Set screen to "mono" with specific gradient
rgbcurve gradient 0:000000 25:000063 67:7D005E 122:C70000 214:E9E900 255:FFFFFF
  • Force processing SCART signal as RGB signal (ignore voltage on fast switch pin)
scartmode rgb
  • Force using only green signal on RGB (as a monochrome signal - copy green to red and blue)
rgbcurve mfg 1
  • Connect Y/CV input to Green input of RGB A/D (instead of standard green signal)
setyasg 1