Using Medusa

From Medusa


There are three buttons "left", "middle" and "right".

  • Standard functions
    • "left" - "up"
    • "middle" - "down"
    • "right" - "enter"
  • Special functions (when both RGB and SDTV signals are detected - LED is yellow)
    • "middle" - switch between RGB and SDTV input.
  • Special functions (after power on)
    • "right" alone - enter "firmware updater" - usually you do not need to do that manually - firmware updating application does this automatically for you
    • "left" and "middle" together - factory reset (blue LED should be on for a couple of seconds)

Info on OLED

Osd info.png


  1. - used A/D chip (RGB or SDTV) and input (SCART/VGA for RGB and S-VIDEO/CVBS for SDTV) or firmware version when there is no input signal
  2. - detected mode, for RGB name of the system ("Atari ST PAL", "Amiga PAL" itp.), for SDTV detected signal standard (PAL, NTSC, SECAM with type) or "NO INPUT SIGNAL"
  3. - Horizontal frequency of input signal
  4. - Vertival frequency of input (and output) signal
  5. - Flags (such as LINEDBL - line doubling)
  6. - Current DVI window (you may think of it as a "resolution")
  7. - Screen shift horizontal:vertical
  8. - Working Pixel Frequency

Front LED color

  • Red - RGB signal detected
  • Green - SDTV signal detected
  • Yellow - both signals detected (RGB on VGA and SDTV on SCART) - in this mode you may switch input using "middle" button
  • Blue - firmware flash / clearing settings
  • Nothing - no input signal detected